• Rafting Adventure

    More adrenaline rush and fun in your team building or leisure moments.

  • Beach Adventure

    Beach Adventure, team building, leisure and creating sustainable corporate social responsibilities program for beach ecology and communities.

  • Adventure Training

    Adventure training, more excitement and fun in training.

  • Adventure Trip

    We guide you to amazing & unique destination in Indonesia.

  • Events Organizer

    We turn events into moment of ever lasting memories.

  • Youth Programs

    Our essential role in helping students develop into future leaders

  • Team Building

    Team building exercises, corporate events are our specialty.


ID Adventure is your first hand Indonesia consultant for events, training, and adventure trips

We provide excellent training, great event, and amazing adventure trip for you


Who we are?


We organize training , events and adventure trip

ID Adventure is an organization of committed men and women enthusiast to provide high quality team buildings, training, events and adventure trip.


A respected and appreciated team by our customers for the outstanding quality of our work, creativity, helpfulness, and the effectiveness of our training programs, events we serve, and adventure trip we organize.


Through various services products, we reveal the creative consciousness of individuals and institutions to grow positively with:

  • Develop awareness of the Universal Human values ​​(cooperation, freedom, happiness, loyalty, humility, Love, Peace, Respect, Responsibility, Temperance, Tolerance, and Unity).
  • Shaping paradigm, Proactive, Thoughts, Words, and Positive Actions.
  • Realizing the vision, discipline, passion, and Leadership Principles that drive each individual and organization to grow and produce optimal performance.


Each one of us are unique and precious in the universe, one can be a source of recreation, education, inspiration or a catalysts that perform and leads to success.


  • Mr. Irwan, Mr. Fera, and all the ID ADVENTURE back office team are outstanding, they guide us throughout Indonesia. We had never been to West Java before, but everywhere we went, we felt welcomed and safe. The entire trip was such a unique experience and a large part of that was thanks to our guides! From trying local cuisine to discussing Indonesian culture and history, our guides educated and interested us in learning and experiencing all that Indonesia has to offer! Thanks again and we will definitely be recommending you to our friends.

    - Brian Alpert & Lauren Stanley, Future Astronaut, NASA

  • We were having a good time during fun games session with ID ADVENTURE back then in our company outing in Bandung. Not only the games are fun and suitable for everyone, but also the underlying meaning and purpose of the games are in line with our company outing theme, just exactly what we expected. The facilitators are friendly, guidance of how to play games is easy to follow, and everything is well prepared. Thank you, ID ADVENTURE!

    - Ms. Namira Zahra, Event Official, PT TREES SOLUTIONS

  • Our student trip to Jogjakarta, Bali and Lombok was great. Full service and professional arrangements. Staffs are great, guides are smart and friendly, team facilitator are responsible, communication was great. Never been on such a complete trip like this, they come to our school for the preparation, they make the kids ready, and these 5 days has been great study of cultural, art, social, history, archaeology, and economic. The food are well served and fits our students taste, they serve a lot, even our vegetarian students said it's one of their best meals. They look after our kids not only during program but also at the hotel. Their doctor come to our kids room 24/7 on call to make sure all participants are in good condition for next day activities. They our understand duty of care for the students and assisting us all the way, even sometime they insert character building align to our school value. Many of the kids were touch, emotionally by their ways of delivering program. Overall ID ADVENTURE are by far the most recommended vendor for student trip in my opinion, we've been with many other.

    - Ms. Diane, Educator, International School from Jakarta

  • Acara family gathering yang diadakan Sukses berjalan dengan antusias yang luarbiasa. Antusiasme peserta bisa di jaga oleh ID ADVENTURE biarpun kondisinya hujan rintik-rintik namun peserta tetap seru dan bersemangat belajar dan bermain. Setiap ada perubahan dilakukan sehalus mungkin, sehingga tidak ada implikasi yang berarti pada peserta. Proses preparation dan komunikasi yang intens di bangun dengan sangat baik. Acara sukses, kami pastikan akan menggunakan jasa ID ADVENTURE tahun depan.

    - Mr. Tiyok Prasetyoadi, CEO, Pandega Design Weharima Architects

  • ID ADVENTURE has excellent and well-designed team building activities in all aspects. The team have a good compliance to our strict requirements for a new vendor. They have great program designer who always listen and answers our requests. The course coordinator and facilitator are easily mingle, approachable and very effective in execution. Their safety master and medical support are responsive. Overall, we are satisfied with their service.

    - Ignatius Silvester Charlie, Finance Bank Central Asia

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