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A full day team building activities with 35 team member involve in the program. With remote and beautiful venue at Bukit Air Ciomas as background, team had ice breaking activities, and were grouped in to two group and 2 area activities. One area in are for Paintball Challenge and other area are for other team development simulation. As a supply chain company, most of the employees were under warehouse suply chain management, so some of the culture values translated in the program are: commitment, initiative, creativity, teamwork and strategy toward excellence. Participants are full of energy, they gone through all the challenge under the hot sun and water challenge and even under the shooting of paintball bullet all over them. Children of the familly owner of the company are also joining with no barrier and boundaries, they mingle and join the fight, adding teamwork values in each and every employees heart.

Finally an amazing wrap up is done after tremendous effort. They manage to bring down their victory banner only in 11 minutes. An emotional sharing from one of the employee speak about how the company has ups and down but still keep standing up just like in the simulation.

So the message is, “never give up and always give the best”. During the debrief Mr Tustus Sukarya from Human Capital Department once again reminds everybody an experiential learning program like this are proven much better than just a sightseeing holiday, and he encourage everybody that this shall not be the first and the last, “Keep up the good work and be excellent, we’ll do it again every year!”

An amazing day to learn about never give up spirit and being one as a team. See you at the top brothers and sisters at PT Harpackindo Ottofleksi!http://angelvolga.ru/srochno-nuzhni-dengi-v-dolg-v-grodno.php