Amazing Race

Amazing Race

ID Adventure has done amazing race for small group, small company, in relatively small area up to huge group from big and multinational company involving wide range of area. So, we are ready to handle your group or your company or your own amazing race event.

Amazing race would enhance team performance, develop competition spirit, understand more about culture and even help to set up more sustainable goal for your corporate social responsibility program.

The race and competition character of amazing race event can involve multiple activities such as walking on the city street, bush walking, running, river trekking, Geo-trekking, charity, photo hunting, land navigation, scavenger hunt, photo hunting, treasure hunt.

Amazing race can maximize the usage of gadget from smart phone and use tools such as compass, camera,  and other. Many features and application in smart phone can be used during amazing race.

We have done ‘Jelajah Bandung’, ‘Explore Buitenzorg’, ‘Lost in Lombok’, ‘Lost in Borneo’, ‘Java-Bali Overland’ , ‘Jakarta Charity Race’, ‘Buitenzorg Race’

Some of the sample activities used on Amazing Race:

1. Download Amazing Race Badge

Participants usually have privilege to use certain facilities and in order to have easy recognition race master usually ask for their race badge. So before the race they received this task:”Download Badge of Amazing Race using scan bar-code facilities on your phone, find the bar-code on the GPS location sent to you, the race master might ask you to show the badge before the next challenge. Use them as wallpaper or profile picture for easy recognition.”

2. Charity express

What useful to you are almost for sure also useful for other. Be a GIVER this morning by sending your love through a simple breakfast box to the needy especially the poor and the marginalized (street kids, security officer, tukang sapu jalanan, gas pump officer). Each box should be given specifically to a single person. Use your hand phone camera to take picture as a proof to show to the race master.

3. Next Destination Transportation

The transportation used during the race can be varied depend on the location. Start from Go-Jek or ojek, a motorcycle you need to find, a Kijang Inova for your team in a certain parking lot, traditional horse carriage, a small wooden boat participants need to row, a raft participants need to build first, et cetera.

4. Photo Hunting

This activities use your smart phone. Instead of being the enemy of technology now you need to be friend to your smart phone. You need to know the features, the applications, how to use it and so many other. not only to take pictures of certain spot, participants also need to report by posting online, or update to the race master to get the next clue. these are some of the example: ‘Find the spot and take team photo with big bridge as background, the spot is under “Pohon Randu”. Find the clue and race master around the wall climbing area and show them the Badge, the pictures of Charity Express and Team under the Bridge.”

Tell where you want to go then how far you want to achieve, we will design the best amazing race you ever follow.

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