Youth Camp

What is a Youth camp?

Youth Camp is a recreational, educational, and developmental program designed to make a life changing and transformational impact to youth. Usually involving adventure, cultural, both indoor and outdoor activities. The area developed in the camp vary from personal development, community building, leadership, etc. Professional facilitator, trainer, speaker and instructor usually involved to make sure your child get the most out of it.

How to Find The Best Youth Camp for Your Children School Holiday

Tips To Choose The Best Youth Camp?

Your Children is a future investment!? Indeed, children are not goods. However, as parents we are responsible for his future. They will be the successors and heirs of our future. Therefore, it is not surprising we try to invest our best for our children future.

For many years, there has been an emerging camp for teenagers. Starting from camps that teach learning techniques, speaking techniques to build a good mental character. Many are well managed and qualified. Sadly, there are also a very commercial purposes so that in the process many things are sacrificed. Consequently, rather than gaining benefits our child holiday time becomes useless and they feel in vain, too bad sometime it happened.

But there is always important reasons why Youth Camp is important for our children!
In fact, the best schools always held some sort of youth camp for their students. Especially during school holidays. Why was it unpopular before, or why it’s starting to show up? There are some reasons!

First, we know that schools emphasise academic aspects. That’s why they need a counterweight. The problem is, time at school, mostly runs out to pursue curriculum loads. For this reason, many good quality schools also held youth camp events to provide additional knowledge and life skill for their students.

Secondly, in the future, academics aspect alone are not enough. Challenges ahead, more complex and more and more needed capabilities needed. Therefore, it takes more learning to equip them. For example, life skill (life skills), ranging from time management techniques, learning techniques, to the more important aspects of character e.g. facing failure, manage the mood and face stress, etc. All that, is not in the curriculum at school.

Now Tips To Choose The Best Youth Camp?

So, how to choose a good youth camp? Here are some tips

1. Background and Portofolio of the Youth Camp OrganizerFirst of all, it certainly starts from the background of the person in charge and the originator. Notice who they are behind the idea of ​​the show. What is the reputation of the school, organization or institution? Sometimes, camp events like this can be very commercial where the goal is more on the pursuit of profit alone without considering the development aspect of the teenager. Of course, EO (event organizer) also should not lose, but the main reason is not looking for profit alone without considering the progress and development of the teenager. Is there an Experiential Learning expert involve, is there in a team of counsellors, someone with educational background. The team set up pedagogic science, let alone psychology, it’s a very helpful thing. The reason is, they understand the knowledge. They see teenagers as a part of the holistic process and know how to treat and how to be treated.

2. Hows the control of the studentsThe number of participants-facilitator is ideal. The ideal number of participants-facilitator really depends on the challenge area, the youth group manageability, the participants psychology, and the activities done in the camp. The facilitator’s control ability is limited. Sometimes cases occur where the participant’s behavior is ignored and left in the absence of control. Sometimes, for business reasons, the camp participant becomes too much so that the participants are out of control. Make sure our children get a facilitator who can guard and guide him.

3. Children CompanionThere is a free, same gender, and easy access companion to whom that each youth can come. Still continue from the above. Ideally, each teen is accompanied so that there is a feedback or input. If necessary, even during the camp process participants have a companion where she/he can vent and reveal the difficulties and problems. Thus, there is a personal touch for the teenager. Sometime class advisory or parents representative is the best role for this, sometime a camp counsellor is the best.

4. Involving ParentsWere parents involved? So, parents need to be involve. Sometimes many parents misunderstand. They think that children can change in one to three camp days. In fact, parents are probably the most responsible with all the problems. Therefore, parents also need to care. A good camp involves parents. At the very least, parents understand what happened during the camp process.

5. The MethodologyThe methodology and its output are proven. Most easily, look at the alumni. Also testimonials from the alumni. If you need to talk honestly with those who have participated in the matter of what is obtained also by looking at their development. Of course, not all teenagers who participate in the camp and are successful must be completely blessed by this camp. But, at least it has any indicator that show that this camp can give a positive contribution.

Any Youth Camps that build such positive characters in this country?Quite a lot! It turns out that quite a lot of camps are indeed qualified and may be followed by our teenage children to build their mental! In essence, ask questions and dig information from them. These are some of the example:

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