Health and Safety Training Program

Health and Safety Training Program

Health and Safety Training Program with International Standard Certification for Professional Corporate User. Using complete Risk Analysis Management System that applied to variety of context, the training covers these training program:

Fire Safety

Fire is a major scourge for safety, because it could lead to fatality risk, human life. Moreover fire disaster would destroy properties, huge financial lost, and business lost. Knowledge about recognizing the potential of fire, prevention and mitigation as well how to manage hazard could avoid the threat of losses.
This programs contains Fire Awareness And Risk Control, Basic Fire Fighting, Fire Warden Training.

Life Saving Program

Protecting human life is the primary goal of health and safety programs by preventing accidents. But sometimes life threatening situation still happens. Accident, natural disaster, force major, medical illness can happen anytime. We need Live Saving skill to deal with this situation. This programs are designed for lay persons so it is easy to understand for everyone without medical background.

This programs contains Basic Life Support, First Aid, Medical Emergency Response Basic First Aid, Basic Life Support, Community Based First Aid, Medical Emergency Response Team Training, Pool Lifeguard Training, Wilderness First Aid

Occupational Health

In addition to safety, we also must pay attention to the health. Unhealthy employees may influential to company performance. Employee health problems may occur due to a wrong way to work, lack of awareness to use personal protective equipment (PPE) or workplace conditions that do not meet the health requirements. these conditions can be

Safety Management

Accidents frequently caused by unsafe environment, unsafe behavior and improper safety regulation. Improper safety management may cause recurring accidents even may lead to fatality accident. Therefore Safety Management is the first step to developing an health and safety culture. This programs consists of various of topics according to the needs of every business field. The topics can be used as basis in developing safety policy in your workplace.

Road Safety

Some of us work in an extreme outdoor area which require ability to work with four wheel drive vehicle and need to know standard operational procedure and safety for the task. This training involve themes and issue like: Defensive Driving Training, Four Wheel Drive or 4WD Training, Safety Riding Training.

Survival System

Several jobs are located in the area with lack of infrastructure or even none at all. Forest and offshore for example. In this area the weather can turn into an extreme condition. Survival Skill are needed in this situation, each worker must be equipped with survival equipment and survival knowledge. This programs contains Survival Swimming, Tropical Sea Survival, Jungle Survival and other training, Aquatic Safety And Survival, Basic Jungle Survival, Basic Sea Survival, Survival Swimming course, Wilderness First Aid.

This training was developed and execute in a collaboration between idadventure and Safety Code staff and volunteers. It is recommended (but not necessary) for participants in this training to have already completed Leadership Training or similar training by idadventure prior to this training.

Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety Training