Student Retreats

Life Changing Camps and Retreats


tudent Retreats, three days stepping away from daily activities, not to forget, but to have an inner journey to reflect, discover, and find further. And therefore retreat widen horizon from everyday experience. This ‘widen horizon’ or broaden way of seeing things would give possibilities for students to find perspective and preparation even to “move the highest mountain” of their life.

Area of youth issues discussed during program:
1. Erosion of Nationality Pride and building Positive Identity
2. Facing Poverty and the gap in community structure
3. Relation in the family and be grateful
4. Teamwork and building educational community
5. Problem of self confidence
6. Future plan, dream, commitment and responsibility
7. Freedom and power game at schools
8. Involve God in everyday Life
9. Sex&Gender, Drugs, Alcohol Abuse
10. Single Parent Households and other trauma
11. Being smart and creative with technology

Facilities on the process:
– Retreat house accommodation
– Reconciliation Service
– Guidance from retreat counselor
– Outdoor simulation and challenge
– Meditation guide from the Master
– Bus Transportation
– Facilitator for the whole process
– Logistic Technical Support
– Full accommodation venue
– Full board Meals and Beverages


1. El Shadai – Bandung
2. Villa Bukit Pinus – Bogor
3. Puncak Kana Cottages – Cianjur
4. Griya Alam Ciganjur – JakSel
5. Lembur Pancawati – Cikreteg
6. Camp David – Puncak

Methods – Tools – Models:

  • Growth Mountain
  • PVC Model
  • Plan – Do – Check – Action
  • Experiential Learning Simulation
  • Brief – Experience Reflection/Debrief
  • Variety approach would be used and to finally reflect on the life itself.

Contact now:
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Retreat Counselor:
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Click to WA Anastasia +6281212551888