Building Bike For Charity

Building Bike for Charity

Participants of Building Bike For Charity will be divided into teams/groups with their task to assemble a child’s bicycle. Team leader on each team/group will take responsibility to successfully complete the task. All team member will become the executor of the task.


The Spirit Within:

  • Responsibility to complete the task successfully. Working together with a common goal by the support from every part of the company with always focus on the goals of the company.
  • The spirit of teamwork will emerge when the dynamics in progress.
  • The spirit of sharing. To be able to do something, beyond our capacity, for others

The idea of Building Bike For Charity is to give a Wow Day for a local orphanage children from by building them bicycle. Getting their first bicycle is an amazing feeling for every children, especially most of them in the orphanage home are unlikely to experience that joy and never learn or even owned a bike. We will can change that reality! You would never imagine how emotional this life-changing experience can be for them! You can choose from 3 program types:

  • Assembly Style: this is for clients who aren’t looking for the team building component (skills analysis, competition, etc.) or have limited time and would prefer to jump right into the bike building process. This is perfect for summer outings, holiday parties, or Friday afternoon happy hours! This would take 60 to 90 minutes.
  • “Tour de France” Team Building Version: in this scenario, teams compete in ‘Tour de France’ themed physical and mental challenge activities to earn points (this is a competition!) and of course parts to build bicycles. This is traditionally a 90-minute to 2 hour program.
  • “Ten Gear Number Equations” Team Building Version: teams race through a bike-themed trivia challenge to earn bike building parts. This is traditionally a 75-90 minute program.

No matter which version you select, if timed correctly, your event can culminate with the surprise entry of the beneficiary children to receive their bikes in person from your participants! ID ADVENTURE will find you the target orphanage house for the programs wherever your event takes place to donate bikes from this activity. Are you ready to make a life-changing difference for local youth today?!


At first it seems like a competition. But then we realize, Patrick, our trainer wants to take us to a whole new experience. It is at first about leadership, about serving one another, about aligning goal and at the end about making story (selling). But during the proccess of building bike Patrick sents around 20 orphanage kids, to join in. We become more enthusiatic, and at the end everybody in my team shed tears. We forgot THE WHY! The value, the relevance, the reason. We forgot also to encourage the heart of the people we lead (serve). Suddenly I just remember parents, my wife my son. And the people we lead also needed to be reminded about this. Thank you Patrick! You’re awesome. Go back home and hug your love one. I have never weep for as long I can remember. – Raavi Thakur

The kids from the orphaned home. They are so open and welcome. We are guest in Bali and they introduce us with the culture. In less than an hour the speak about what makes them happy, their vision 10 years from now and how they are going to make that dream come true. Such a small donation the bike that we built for them for such a big dream! And they say well madam, this would safe my money to go to school. Instead of public transport NOW WE HAVE A BIKE! THIS BIKE WOULD TAKES US ANYWHERE. Well we are speecless, inspired and somehow there something ignited in our heart and mind. I want to make this again and again. It is such a rewarding activities for me as a leader but also for the people we serve. – Jennifer Dolley

It is not only a community building but it is also a big warm reminder for all my team leaders that we do what what we do in the company because of it’s value. Speaking on behalf of my heart this challange is by far the best teambuilding I have ever joined in. I would do it over and over again if necessary. Everybody in the team involve and we are touched by the presence of this amazing kids, by their happy spirit and by their open mind to just jump in and making their best effort. – Steven Lie


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