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Tetra Pak Indonesia Team Building

Theme: ‘Breaks The Cylos’

Tetra Pak Indonesia Team Building Breaks The Cylos

P.T. Tetra Pak Indonesia Team Building Breaking The Cylos

The team building of P.T. Tetra Pak Indonesia was held successfully by Executrain Indonesia and ID Adventure Team. After full day of serious meeting, in less than 60 minutes, 42 participants from, Java, Medan, Italy, Rusia, and Swedia are facing challenge. Start from ‘fighting and energizing challenge’, dancing Indonesia traditional dance, and building their first packaging design, a huge pyramid.

“All the goal that first seem impossible now become possible” – Mr Puji

“I have witness the impossible becoming possible” Mr. Paolo

Finally an amazing wrap up is done by Mr Paolo asking each participants glue their commitment to the pyramid, aligning with the corporate goal. They manage to build the pyramid in less than an hour.

This would help everybody to be once again reminded that no big team work succeed without everybody backing with their big heart and serve one another. Mr Pungky