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Around 40 volunteer of floor warden from each floor of the new building of PT Trakindo Utama done this team building and short safety training.

“This full day training during weekend was not intended as a full safety training, it is more to prepare participants for the real safety training. Making sure they are mentally ready and able to work as a team. The demand is high for floor warden in a high building because they have to know how to lead people during emergency situation. That’s why we prepare them mentally before the more technical training.” Said Ms. Diniati Fitria from the Human Capital Division of PT Trakindo Utama.

The heat of Jakarta sun during weekend bring more spirit to the participants. They conquer the challenge, they compete hard, they work together, they think together, and in the end of the day they learn a lot together. Another example of a group people young and senior doing good for other without expecting financial benefit. Nice insight for the day, keep doing your best bro and sister floor warden.

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