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Testimonials for Jungle Survival Training

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Testimonials for Jungle Survival Training These testimonials reflect the profound impact of IDAdventure's real jungle survival training, this is not some short basic training, most of the testimonies come from these participants joinning long advance and mastery training program. Some of them are highlighting the practical skills gained and the transformative personal experiences. "ID Adventure's jungle survival training was a life-changing experience. The hands-on approach helped me master survival skills that are applicable in both my personal and professional life.…

Why Jungle Survival Training is Essential In today's world, the ability to survive in the wild is an invaluable skill. At IDAdventure, we offer immersive jungle survival training that goes beyond mere theoretical knowledge. Our program in Bali is designed to be hands-on and experience-based, ensuring participants gain practical skills and confidence in handling real-world survival situations. Comprehensive Skills and Knowledge Our training covers a wide range of essential survival skills, including: Shelter Building: Learn to construct shelters using natural…


“Experience Jungle Survival Training with IDAdventure: A Comprehensive Approach!” Andreas Patria Krisna At IDAdventure, we believe that jungle survival training should be more than just theoretical knowledge—it should be an immersive and transformative experience. Our approach combines hands-on learning with a variety of educational factors and realistic scenarios to ensure that participants not only learn essential survival skills but also develop confidence and resilience in challenging environments. These are the 3 principle we use for our jungle survival training. 1.…


Field Studies Module: One-Day Adventure and Jungle Training Target Audience: Elementary Students, Grades 5 and 6 --- Module Overview: This one-day field study module is designed to immerse 5th and 6th-grade students in the jungle environment, promoting ecological awareness, hands-on experience with reptiles, nature appreciation, crafting, herbal learning, meditation, and basic cultivation activities. The goal is to foster a deep connection with nature and an understanding of its ecosystems. --- Schedule and Activities 8:00 AM - Arrival and Introduction -…

Training Module: Transformative Journey to Master Emotional Regulation Target Audience: Elementary Students, Grade 6 --- Module Overview: This training module is designed to help 6th-grade students develop skills in emotional regulation, enabling them to manage their emotions effectively, build resilience, and foster positive relationships. The module spans six sessions, each lasting approximately 45 minutes. --- Session 1: Introduction to Emotional Regulation Objective: Understand what emotions are and why emotional regulation is important. Materials: - Whiteboard and markers - Emotion cards…