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More than one hundred participants from PT Surya Toto Indonesia involve in the program. Mr. Mohdar, during the opening speech said that it is the time for team building and ID adventure here to makes sure Toto will create more bonding and better team work. Excitement and spirit to win is amazingly develop rapidly from beginning to the end of the program. Burning sun are not a huge challenge for all team to keep standing up when fail and fight for their team. Team succeed to develop no boundaries between senior and junior, bosses and ordinary employee, man and women, short and tall, strong and weak, everybody in any way commit to contribute their best for their team success. These are some statement from the team representative:

PT Surya Toto Indonesia is the one we fighting for day by day, and during the final project today everybody unite for the success of all of us, TOTO. (Ms. Dewi)

Thanks for all the enthusiasm, I hope today team building experience will make us better at work. (Ms. Novy)

Yes, we can and we succeed. Our team on the field are creative, we always came up with better solution for the challenge. (Mr. Agus)

Cilla in my team is a hero, a giver, a role model, she contribute better, she is always active and everybody eventually agree on her. (Ms. Lia)

We want PT Surya Toto Indonesia to stay operated in Indonesia FOREVER and grow BIGGER, and the value we get today is confirming that we are GOOD, but we also know if we work it out more these value will make us GREAT. (everybody)

The message is clear for everybody, we hope the better bonds and the connections, the ‘no boundaries’ for best result, the spirit and the commitment, the effective communication built in this program can be brought to day by day experience at work. We believe training is a success if we make sure there are transformation in us and in our team after the training. ID ADVENTURE trainer, facilitator, medic, support, f&b controller, admin, documentation team, all staff present Fahmi, Ludi, Binsar, Aci, Sonny, Marks, Keirina, Patrick, Mike, Hadi, Iwan, Choirun, Martin, Anas, Panji, Doing, Amir, Soleh, David, we are honored to stand by your side and proud to be your partner for success and shared the glory of PT Surya Toto Indonesia. Success always and see you next program.

PT. Surya Toto Indonesia Tbk