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  logo lumbung After every yearly sales meeting PT. Lumbung Nasional Flour Mill, known as LNFM, well known flour factory in Indonesia, are always having team enhancement program known as team building. For some time LNFM are working together with idadventure to handle this program.

Being refreshed, being acquainted with new culture in PT. Lumbung Nasional Flour Mill, getting to know each other and able to work in positive vibe, develop synergy and harmony are some of the goals we had during couple of years working together with idadventure in team building organizing for our staff. As a new player in the business we had many competitor to learn from and to compete with, so the challenge is real and we are excited to have new resources, but this kind of human development program and team development should be done regularly to make sure we are still in the right track. (Ms. Leona)

Participants are coming from all over Indonesia west, east and mid region of Indonesia, mostly from the sales and marketing of force division. One thing in common is that everybody work their best in every simulation and challenge we give . Experiential learning Method work best for the team. In the end everybody glad to have join the program and the owner speec said that PT. Lumbung Nasional Flour Mill would grow and stand strong in the future, so join the ride. Success always, see you next year!

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