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An amazing program in Sangria resort and spa Bandung all the participants from PT Trimitra Karya Cipta. This well established Supplier of Oilfield Equipment to Oil & Gas Company in Indonesia, specializing in mechanical and electrical component, light weight process equipment takes every challenge serious.

In order to internalize the corporate vision: “Constantly growth and become Respectable, Reliable and Committed Supply & Services Company for Indonesia’s Oil and Gas Industry” everybody involve in the team building program.

During the first day groups are divided into two groups, everybody gives their best during series of the challenge simulation. At night during the reviews everybody involve in the discussion about how that days activities and create some commitment to be better for the second day activities. That night team learn that some of them has express the character of great team player, good team player and average team player. The second day all team, XO, S2, and Samurai, are challenged to perform the character of a great team player. In the second day team had amazing race and the final challenge. The insight is to serve one another better, to build more bond, communicate more effective, and pay all the price, the risk in any challenge condition.

Some of the spontaneous words expressed by participants during wrap up session are: feeling more hope and optimistic, building more connection, feeling as a part of a new family, fun, hoping to have more bond and work better after the program, amazing, success for Trikarta, hope to internalize and focus more to the vision and mission of the company. That’s why every simulation tried to make sure participants focus to the corporate mission he Mission: Creating and maintaining powerful customer relationships build on a foundation of excellence by providing best service and full support to our customers. All the best for PT Trimitra Karya Cipta.