Sex Education and Gender Awareness Training Program

Sex Education and Gender Awareness Training Program

Sex Education and Gender Awareness Training Program: Recent Development

sex education and gender awareness training

With the an increasingly diverse workforce and consumer market, and the rise of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workforce over the last decade, communities need Sex Education and Gender Awareness Training Program. ID ADVENTURE Sex Education and Gender Awareness Training Program into several categories: start from basic sex education for students, parents training, gender anti-discrimination training, diversity awareness training, cultural awareness training, diversity management/leadership training, diversity knowledge/skills-based training, or dimension-specific workshops.

For students or school communities the training broke down to teachers and staff, students (males and females) primary, secondary and university students.

For corporate the training broke down into: top-level executives, non-executive managerial employees and non-managerial employees.

Your communities need some form of Sex Education and Gender Awareness Training Program that includes sexual orientation, and most of all the community leaders that prohibit discrimination based on gender identity have some form of related diversity training.

Area of discussion in:

a. Basic Students Sex Education and Gender Awareness Training Program

Most parents don’t feel comfortable in talking about basic sex education and gender awareness training program with their children and therefore, ID ADVENTURE feels it becomes school responsibility to provide the necessary education in right direction. Lack of sex knowledge from a reliable sources makes the students seek it from outside world which might not safe. In lack of such knowledge they may become victims of improper sex life, broken relationships and depression. Proper sex education at school can protect them from all these. We are using common age-appropriate topics for sexuality education. And we are open for discussion if some school community which need some adjustment on the topic.

b. Advance Sex Education and Gender Awareness Training Program

ID Adventure Sex Education and Gender Awareness Training Program is a day workshop that gives participants knowledge and skills for working with trans and inter-sex people, covering moral ethical and biological areas:

  • Diverse sexuality model and terminology (optional)
  • Diverse sex and gender model and terminology
  • Myths and issues faced by people who are trans, inter-sex and otherwise gender diverse.
  • Understanding inter-sex, trans and gender diverse people’s personal perspectives
  • Values and attitudes about diverse sexuality, sex and gender
  • Psycho-social health factors
  • Personal safety issues for gender diverse people
  • Physical and social transition info and considerations for Trans people
  • Useful resources for further understanding and knowledge related to who are Intersect, Trans and Gender Diverse.

c. Parents training: Speak Confident about Sex Education and Gender Awareness

Your kids start to ask question like,”How does adults make a babies?” or “Why mom and dad has different body?” While most parents feel awkward and taboo to speak about sex to children? Or confuse how to respond  if your kids ask about sex?
We are ready to share and discuss in a form of talk show “How to speak confidents about sex with your child?”
This talkshow seminar will reveal how to deliver information to you child and make sure it’s appropriate to their psychological development. The seminar will be delivered with fun learning and real example to make it easier for you to apply.
Ready also to provide in school environment for parents meeting or .

This Sex Education and Gender Awareness Training Program was developed in a collaboration between ID ADVENTURE and stakeholders (school and institution leaders) and volunteers. It is recommended (but not necessary) for participants in this training to have already completed Leadership Training and Character Building Training or similar training prior to this training.