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Attention! - Please study the information below, after settling bills according to invoices, it means the prospective client bond to and accept the following conditions.
The deal done by signing a Letter of Agreement (MOU) between the parties ID Adventure with the respective clients.

Redemption at the latest after the activity on H+3 (3 days after day of activities), with stage payments:

  • H-14 (10 days before the activity): 30% of the total
  • H-7 (7 days before activity): 40% of the total cost
  • H+3 (3 days after execution): 30% of the total

If you had not settled until the time limit specified, then the ID Adventure will be entitled to cancel the reservation client cancellation fee as described in point CANCELLATION.


– Cancellations made by client
If client cancel the reservation that has been done, so in this case you will be charged or get penalty. Payment charge or penalty is calculated from the time we receive written notice of cancellation of the clients do, as follows:

  • 14-08 days before the activity: 25% of the total financing
  • 07-03 days before the activity: 50% of total financing
  • 02-01 days before the activity: 75% of the total financing
  • On the day of execution: 100% of the total financing

However, please remember that we remain flexible in terms of the cancellation, depending on the reason for cancellation and /or as long as both parties did not experience losses from the cancellation that you have done.

– Cancellations made by us
This is very unusual, but chances are there will always be beyond our control. If ID Adventure make the cancellation of your activities after you pay the deposit or even settled, we will offer alternative activities. If you cannot accept this, then we will refund all payments that you have to do, but we are not responsible for the claims you are doing or any additional funds that you have to remove.

Returns are not made for services that are not taken, except for expenditures which were paid

Inherent Dangers
You understand and accept that the activities in this kind of activity sometimes things can happen, things that are unwanted or harmful to physical condition, health care, or climactic conditions and other problems beyond our control.

Liability Release and Resposibilities
When we provide service, we’ll do the best possible way, especially for those involving fatal risk. But we are not responsible for duty of care of your personnel, for matters relating to the third person, such as transportation providers, owners of the area, or any damages or expenses (including death risk and loss of payment in advance) that cause the consequences of events related to such third person.

The Things That is Not Included in The Cost
Things like excess food, laundry, drinks, photocopy, facsimile and all activities that are not mentioned in our proposal, including personal expenditures.