Old Batavia Trip

Old Batavia Trip

Old Batavia Trip Heritage Exposure

Old Batavia Trip is a city tour of northern part Jakarta, a city heritage exposure. This trip gives us the opportunity to know history, social-culture, and learning from the capital city of Indonesia. Participants will go to the center of natural historical Jakarta. Those  place of interest are:

1. Jakarta Old Town
Jakarta Old Town is historically where the city begin. There are hundreds of years beautifully designed colonial buildings. Only few in Asia still have those luxury. Our guide will help you learn the literature for buildings & sites and ‘feel’ the city. You will find many street vendor and local visitor bu be ‘risky’ & ‘wild’, even Raffles been here & built the city. Come,  go & enjoy the ‘show’!

2. Neo-Gothic Cathedral
Awe inspiring Neo-Gothic architecture. Located right across the Istiqlal Mosque. A beautiful symbol of peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims. This classic church is still very amazingly beautiful inside and outside. Jakarta Cathedral still use for mass until today. Built from red thick brick with Neo-Gothic architectural design which common during 18th-19th century, you will get the European impression like you visit one of church in Rome. The interior have detailed figures of Catholic symbol and patron thus the light is very warm which enhance the ambiance. On the 2nd floor there are museum where most people not realize. If you visit at the mass, you will hear the typical echoing sound from the choir because it’s building structure.

3. Masjid Istiqlal
Istiqlal Mosque, or Masjid Istiqlal, in Jakarta, Indonesia is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. This national mosque of Indonesia was built to commemorate Indonesian independence and named “Istiqlal”, an Arabic word for “independence”. As any other religious places would be, there is a serene and escape feeling when I enter it. The most beautiful thing that it is located face to face with the Cathedral, giving a more beautiful sight about how Indonesian wanted to be peacefully living together, regardless the religion.

  1. Taman Suaka Muara Angke
  2. Taman Margasatwa Muara Angke,
  3. Budha Tzu-Chi
  4. Sentra Perikanan Muara Angke,
  5. Kawasan Pelabuhan Tua Sunda Kelapa,
  6. Kampung Luar Batang,
  7. Museum Bahari
  8. Sentra Belanja Mangga Dua,
  9. Taman Impian Jaya Ancol,
  10. Bahtera Jaya Ancol,
  11. Stasiun Tanjung Priok,
  12. Jakarta Islamic Centre,
  13. Kampung Tugu,
  14. Kampung Marunda,
  15. Sentra Belanja Kelapa Gading.




Student Trip to Old Batavia