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Social Exposure – Live in

Participants learning to know other community. Not only a community different from their own normal everyday life communities but also far in distance and economically far more marginal community. In the process they will interact with their culture, art, traditional games, technology, language, norm, tradition, and history of the locals. by living together in the community the are exposed to the social – cultural and hands on experience straight from the host family. This is a very rich learning program for your students and we are ready to organize it for you.



Live in program put my student to meet Indonesia authentic and actual remote village community, to learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized experiencesLive in program provide opportunities for  young people to use newly acquired skill and knowledge in real-life situation in their own communities.

Teacher involve as facilitator and participant at the same time. They responsible in duty of care of each students  and also to provide regular assessment, challenge, support, feedback and improvement guide to create a developmental experience for the student. 

As a character development program Live-in in Indonesia is not only developing leadership, problem Solving, teamwork, but also fosters  young people concern on social justice and community development, therefore  it can strengthen a sense of compassion through direct action. 

Live in program is a version of Community Immersion Program. Based on experiential learning method this program usually  designed as a bridge between theoretical instruction and the realities. Live in program can enhance what is taught in school by extending student learning beyond the classroom, into the community.