Jungle Survival Training

Jungle Survival Training



Jungle Survival Training




Indonesia’s vast forests have variety environmental conditions based on geographical and topographic factors. Jungle survival training in Indonesia forests consist of survival in a tropical forests, survival in a tropical rain forests, survival in a grasslands and survival in a wetlands or survival in a mangrove forests (mangroves). Human presence in the forest caused by several things such as accidentally entering the forest, from misfortune aircraft crashed into the woods or because of other reasons. What happened in the woods sometimes can not be unexpected and putting a person or group of persons in a state of uncertainty. This could be caused by the influence of foreign forest environments of everyday habits, or in emergency situations where resources are limited and the lack of ability to adapt to the condition of the forest itself. Jungle survival skill and knowledge is no longer a privileged to some military or boy scout. In Indonesia it is the skill that everybody need to master. To have an ecology literacy about the jungle and to be able to survive in it is a form of our responsibility to the potential sustainability that we have in Indonesia.

Goal of the training

Knowledge gain by Jungle Survival Training can provide insight, ideas and proper action to survive in the jungle. With the knowledge, the high spirit of survival, implement skill you learn, this training would successful help you when facing the real conditions of survival in the forest. So one day you will be able to face the critical conditions in the field, having trained to be able to take the initiative and be able to handle the situation.

Learning Opportunities

When you are joining the program you will learn many skills during the survival expedition. Here’s what we teach:
– the philosophy of survival,
– some first respond skill,
– find food, find r
eadily available protein in the jungle,
– type of wood or material that can be used as a torch
– how to start a fire,
– Traps and snares, create s
pears from natural woods in the bush, like bamboo, fire hardened wood, or cane
– Bowls, plates, drinking water containers etc.
– A simple bow
– Building a Shelter, and the material needed
– Basic edible plants
– Fishing poles and baits
– etc.

Sample Itinerary for Jungle Survival in Bali

Day 01
Arrive in Bali. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 02
Early morning travel to Bedugul Nature Reserve in the foot hill of Bedugul. Study the philosophy of jungle survival. Sharing and on Overnight in tent.

Day 03
Survival Training – Begin your jungle adventure with our intensive training in jungle survival, mountaineering, first aid, navigation and evacuation scenarios. This is the opportunity to prove that you’re tough enough to survive the remote wilderness that awaits.

Day 04
Jungle Trek – To reward you for your hard work (and to REALLY test your survival skills) you’ll head off on a trek into the jungle. You’ll see incredible creatures, stunning views, be swinging through the trees, jumping into plunge pools and clambering through undergrowth. The Trek is in one word…unforgettable.

Day 05
After breakfast, return drive to Hotel in Bali Island – Emerging from the rainforest after 2 nights in Bali Jungle. Time to relax and explore cycle tour, rafting, Bali cooking, snorkelling and beach BBQ are a perfect end to your action packed adventure! Immerse yourself in the culture with optional visit to the market, temple, traditional Balinese dancing shows, and the holy water temple. This time we take in the beautiful sites of Bali! Overnight at the hotel.

Day 06
Transfer to the airport for flight to your next destination or extend with other trips.


Guided by professional practitioner in the outdoor education ID Adventure allows participants not only learn the philosophy, history and the background of the outdoor survival skill but also real life hands on practical application and relevance to our personal and even work life. (James Hook, Pilot)

Combined with leadership training I had before, jungle survival training change me and my fellow participants deep inside. I know now that life and nature has so much to offer. I find this training shows me there are so many alternative to get food, water and everything else, even in a very limited resources, in the middle of the jungle. I learn to appreciate small things, friend. I promised to my self that I would never give up in life, never give up to all my relation and share more. (Roland Seamore, Students)

Alone with just a knife and salt, in the middle of nowhere even only for couple of days. Even after a week of survival training by the professionals puts me in a deep consolation and desolation. It has become a whole  time luxury of an amazing personal retreat to me. It gives me ability to set priorities, being organized, aware of my goals, and appreciate everything more in life. (Samantha, Students)