Firewalking Portofolio

Firewalking Portofolio
Firewalking Portofolio
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This is our Firewalking Portofolio. It is collected and recorded corporate client events since 2011.

Aaryn Longmore – CEO Evolving Empires – Sydney, Australia

Arryn and Corrine has done corporate fire walking with us in Seres Hotel, Ubud since 2019, Bali for few years, exclusive for limited numbers of NLP Training participants group.

Ed J C Smith – CEO – Champion Consultancy

Ed J C Smith – CEO – Champion Consultancy, UK and his team mate David has done Life Style Business Retreat and Fire Walking with us in Sol Benoa Bali. It is done since 2018, Bali. It is done exclusive for numbers of Business Coach participants group from all over the world.

Roys Tanani – Country Director – Yuvogo Global

Roys Tanani and his team mate David has done Motivation Training and Fire Walking. It is done in Bali & Bogor, since 2017, and every years. It is done exclusive for numbers of Multi Level Marketing participants groups he trained.

Willy Jong – CEO – Apotik Glodok dan PT Surya Energetic Pharmacon

Willy Jong and his employee has done Team Building, Motivation Training, Glass Walking and Fire Walking with us. It is done in Bogor, since 2019. It is done exclusive for all of his management and employee.

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