Indosat Fast & Furious 26T

Indosat Fast & Furious 26T
Indosat Fast & Furious 26T
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Indosat Fast & Furious 26T

Good morning. Welcome to GH Forum Indosat Fast and Furious 26T
Your challenge today is to finish your race and complete all tasks together with your team members starting from Gambir to Bandung.
Rule of the game:

  1. 1. Race Team
    You will race in a team.
  2. 2. Purchase with Dompetku at Alfamart Gambir
    If you have read the first message of wa sent by your team leader, you have already purchased items with Dompetku.
  3. 3. Train Tickets
    Show your Alfamart and dompetku payment receipt to a race master: PIC to obtain your train tickets. Without dompetku payment receipt, you will not be able to get your train tick. ets. PIC  is a person wearing smiling in front of Alfamart Gambir.
  4. 4. Race Equipment

PIC will also provide you with race gear: (Please check if your race gear is complete): pen, group signage, mineral water, raincoat, group hand board

  1. 5. Whatsapp group
    Your team leader will always communicate through whatsApp with the committee. Make sure your group has your own whatsapp group to share information and instruction
  2. 6. Race Code
    You will receive your first race code in the train; the code will lead you to the place that Go-to-Market 1
  1. 7. Follow your team member on twitter

All team member should follow each other Twitter. Share your twitter name to other team members in your group

  1. 8. Photo report through twitter
    Follow @idadventure and @patrickhrisna. Every photo submitted as a report can be uploaded to twitter by hashtag #ghforum and mention @idadventure
    Format posting : group number, group name, location where picture taken.
  2. 9. Race Health and Safety
    Always take precaution and make sure everybody is safe during the race.
  3. 10. Criteria of wining
    Finish on time, finish main task and bonus task. Get as many points as you can. Penalty of points applied in the event where your team is late to arrive on time, late submission or breaching rules of the race