Archery Battle Game

Archery Battle Game

archery battle game

Archery Battle Game

Some of the wisdom from archery

“In archery we have something like the way of the superior man. When the archer misses the center of the target, he turns around and seeks for the cause of his failure in himself.” -Confucius-
An arrow won’t fly straight unless you shoot it straight, and our lives will not go the way we want until we live them that way. Inline with the words, ” If it’s to be its us to me!” This is powerful words man! ID ADVENTURE team has a lot to say about this inspirations and use them for your team building.

Bow & Arrow War Simulation

You deserve the best to get pumped up, energized,refreshed and entertained! It’s time to have some fun! Now you have the solution: “Archery Battle Game”. Tanyakan pada setiap pelanggan kami betapa serunya aktivitas  Archery Battle Game ini. Kami menawarkan arena perang yang menarik, and amazing atmosfer for team building. This activities is a great idea for birthday parties, corporate gathering and other event. Archery Battle Game, the feeling is great, you wouldn’t know until you try!

Participants Facilities
– google/mask
– arrow (nggak terbatas)
– busur
– arm guard

Supporting Facilities
– barikade
– refere
– net
– point dot

Lots of scenario dan setting
Can be arranged to play over and over again

Tentative duration for every session (standard)

The Sequence
5 minutes briefing safety & roles
5 minutes equipment training
5 minutes war game simulation
3 minutes strategic team meeting
15 minutes wargame 1 or 2 session

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